Heaven hotels

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Heaven hotels

Josh continually stared at the /gorgeous/">gorgeous guy sitting on the leather couch only 2 metres away from him.
He had thick black hair,a smooth shiny leather jacket that glistened in the lamp light,tight blue jeans covered his long,sturdy muscular legs,and sparkling black sunglasses,that somehow matched everything he wore
The guy was reading a 2 year old fishing magazine.
He put it back on the table,looked over to the left of him and then stared at josh.
Josh quickly looked away,he panted and began to sweat.
The guy was so sexy.
Josh gulped,and looked back.
The guy was still there,staring back at josh with a thoughtful look on his face.
Then,he grinned.
Joshs penis erected,he felt uneasy,he couldnt take it any more so he rubbed his head got up and walked quite quickly towards the Reception desk.
He waited for about 5 seconds,panting and sweating,his penis still erected and as hard as rock.
Finnally,a receptionist came,an italian speaking man with a moustche wearing a flashy red costume with bright,gold buttons.
"May i help you sir?" the receptionist asked.
Josh rubbed his head again,not sweating so much anymore.
Josh cleared his throught and looked back where the man was meant to be sitting.
He was no longer there,the fishing magazine remained in his place.
"Er sir?" The receptionist asked again.
Josh had forgotten about him.
"Oh,right yes,*Ahem*id like the keys to my room please."
"Number?" the receptionist asked as he opened up a filing cabinet,pulling out some papers.
"Numder 77."
The receptionist turned away towards the wall,stared at it up and down and pulled off a shiny silver key attached to a circular keyring.
"Thank you." Josh said,and he took the keys from the receptionists hand.
He turned around,but could go no further,because the man he was staring at earlier,was directly in front of him.
Josh began to sweat again.
His Penis,for the second time,erected,more harder than before,although that seemed impossible.
The man stared at josh,then turned away to talk to the receptionist.
He took off his sunglasses,revealing 2 bright blue eyes,that,like his sunglasses,matched everything he wore.
Josh stared into them.
What did this guy want?
Did he know about joshs secret desire to fuck him?
he didnt seem to,as he folded up the sunglasses,and tucked them into his tight blue jeans.
"Ive been waiting here for half an hour,i want my room keys please." The man said.
His voice was...well sexy,josh got exited,although he could tell that this guy was angry.
",sorry sir,the room you wanted..was...well..we gave it away to someone else."The receptionist replied,a tone of worry in his voice.
The man stared,sighed then said:"No matter,ill just share a room with this guy."
The man pointed at Josh.
Josh was speechless,his mouth was wide open.
It was like a dream come true,a night with this handsom,muscular and /guy/sexy-guy/">sexy guy.
Josh smiled.
"Yeah,hell just have o share a room with me.

Josh sat on the couch inside his warm cosy hotel room,staring at the man as he unpacked his luggage.
Josh had had a little chat with the man a couple of minutes ago.
The mans named was jett,jett crawford and he was travelling to las vegas from los angeles.Apparently,jett would have to stay a week in the hotel untill he could leave for his destonation.
This fact made josh happy,as it was the same amount xxx sex video download free com of time josh was staying.
"Im gonna take a shower,that okay with you?" Jett asked as he thre his clothes into a drawer.
Josh,once again,had a huge boner.
"Sure" He replied.
Jett gave josh a sexy smile,then headed for the bathroom.
He entered,closed tthe door and locked it.
he could hear jett turning on the tap,and the sound of running water was in the air.
Josh slowly pulled down his pants,then his /underwear/">underwear,and began to masturbate,pulling the skin of his 15inch erected cock,up and down.
Josh had gotten hooked onto /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn sites ever sine he was 14,and ever since then,he had been secretly ordering Penis growth products,resulting in his wonderful,slender 15inch cock.
Josh wanted to fuck this guy real soon,even though he had a whole week to spend with him.
The question was,was this guy gay?
Josh pulled up his pants and underwear again,and thought.
He jumped up quickly,just in time to see the bathroom door open.
Steam filled the room.
Josh couldnt belive what he was seeing.
Jett,was standing completely naked in the door way,water dripping down his huge cock.
His was huge and thick,much bigger than joshs.
he stared at Josh,then sat on the couch beside him.
Josh got a quick glimpes of his large slender ass.
Jett put his arm around josh.
"Your gay,arent you?" Josh asked,stuttering a little.
"Yep." Jett replied,water dripping from his chin,"And you are too,i could tell from the signs,you wouldnt stop staring at my cock."
"By the way,"Josh began to speak again,"How big is that cock?"
Joshs mouth was wide open,drooling.
Josh had another boner.
"Nice aint it?" And jett began to masturbate,pulling the skin of his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock up and down,revealing more of the smooth purple organ.
Josh shook his head.
"Well...lets get started then!"
2 mins later,josh was already sucking jetts beautiful,slender organ.
Its huge,shiny,purple head was extra smooth,and was drenched in warm pre-cum.
It shaft was perfect,long,THICK and...delicious.
His cock was huge,and could hardly fit in Joshs mouth
"I can tell youve done this before." Jett said through all the moaning and groaning.
"Yep." Josh replied as he sucked,"Ive fucked at least 12 other boys,and i must say,your the best."
Josh continued to suck,and after a couple of minutes,Jett moaned louder,and his cock erupted with white,creamy cum going everywhere.
Josh licked it all up in 30seconds flat,it was the /cum/best-cum/">best cum he had ever tasted,salty but not too salty,hot,but now too hot,it was perfect.
Jett moaned again "Wel,thats proof that you have done this before."
Jett continued to cum,but then something happened,the cum became liquidy,warm and bitter /sweet/">sweet.
It was jetts own urine!
Jett was pissing in joshs mouth!
"Bet you havent done that before!" Jett laughed.
"Only twice." Josh replied,"Its ok,the taste is really sour,but hey,its nice."
"Wow,your amazing,youve done everything."
Each time Jett moaned,Josh took this as an order to suck harder and faster.
The cummy taste remained in Joshs mouth,Delicious.
Later on in the night,Jett showed Josh a move than he had only encountered once in his life.
Apparently,jett had been taking some treatment,that made his skin extra flexible.
Josh and jett rubbed their cocks heads together,then,Jett pulled his foreskin(Or what was left of it)Over his cock and over joshs too.
They wrigled their cocks around in the "Cock bridge" untill the bridge was brocken,and it erupted with creamy cum.
Josh lay against the carpeted wall and using his hands,he opened up his ass.
This was the only encouragement Jett needed to stick his huge thick pecker inside Joshs abnormally /asshole/big-asshole/">big asshole.
As soon as Jetts warm cock entered Joshs ass,he became to moan and scream.
Jett continued to shove his cock,deeper and deeper inside Josh...Slowly.
Josh still screamed,his eyes nearly popped out of his head.
He had done this before,but it had never felt this good.
It was pain and pleasure in one,therfore creating perfect harmony between the horny couple.
"Deeper...Deeper..."Josh moaned"DEEPER!"
The wall began to shake as jett finnally got 10inches of his cock up Joshs smooth ass.
"You /bitch/">bitch." Jett asked,"Your just a teenage bitch,thats all you are,a fucking little BITCH!"
And with that final word,Jett was able to shove in 3 more inches deep into Joshs ass.
After a couple of seconds,josh began to cum all over the wall he was leaning against,covering in in an unremovable stain.
Jett finnally pulled out his cock as it exploded with cum,flying all over the place.
7 seconds passed,and the two sexxxx video ful hd boys began to roll around in the filth they had created.
Josh wanted more,this was the best experience he had ever had,he wanted more,more.
"More." Josh said the words he thought,"More."
Jett stared at Joshs sweaty face,covered in warm cum and replied to him "Bet you havent heard of this one!"
Jett lay face flat on the sticky wet bed.
"Weve already ass fucked,i want something new." Josh panted.
"This is new." Jett replied,his panting also"put your mouth over my ass."
"What the fuck!?"
"Put your slutty,horny little mouth over my hot sweaty ass god dammit!"
Josh shrugged,and did what jett told him to do.
"What are you gonna do?" Josh asked curiouly.
Jett didnt reply,Josh could feel his ass muscles tightening.
A fouls stench invaded the air.
Josh thought.
No,no way,it cant be!
Josh knew what was happening.
Something huge erected out of jetts /asshole/">asshole,something big and gooey,and into joshs mouth.
Jett was shitting in Joshs mouth!
"Oh my god," Josh said,"What do you want me to do now?"
"Eat it,jett replied."
"Eat it bitch! Chew it,lick it,then swallow it down your slutty little mouth!"
Josh obayed jetts odd command once again,and sucked the warm shit into his mouth.
Josh had never done this before,the taste of shit wasnt that great,but it made him feel dirty,real dirty,so he had to do it.
Josh chewed it up in his mouth and swallowed.
It was actually kinda nice.
"Ah ah ah!" Jett said.
"What?" Josh asked,licking his shitty fingers.
"clean it."

In the morning,josh finnally got off jetts ass,and out of the sticky bed.
"Whats the hurry?" Jett moaned,his eyes still closed.
"I need breakfast." Josh replied,wiping the spermy taste from his lips.
"Whats the hurry?We have the whole week together!And anyway,i need to go to the bathroom."
"Oh,ok then."
Jett stood up from the bed,and opened his legs wide.
Joshs head was directly underneath jetts ass.
Josh opened his mouth wide,waiting for the large gooey load to fall into his mouth.
As he lay there paitiently,he finnally realised why it was called heaven hotels,but then again,its not heaven for all people,especially the ones who need clean up the sticky mess him and jett had left behind!