Indian woman visiting US

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Indian woman visiting US

My name is Vanita , I am a HR professional working as GM HR in a US company operating in Pune India, I am 37 year old single woman , 5”2”, 58 kgs, have fair complexion, shoulder length Dark brown hairs and a great body figure of 34 ”28-36.

I was an athlete during schooling days and hence my thighs and hips are well toned ,even at this age my breast still stand erect even without support , in fact one of my /friend/boy-friend/">boy friend with whom I had some steaming relationship was very fond of them . 

I visit US frequently on official duty, as our head Office is in Los Angeles, during these visits, I accidently developed a taste for Black men and now I am really /crazy/">crazy about them , some of them can even make me wet just by looking in my eyes and as a result I am always looking for and even creating opportunities for visiting US.

It all started with my first visit in Dec 2002, when I joined this US organisation and took up the charge of the department and was required to pay a visit to head office as part of my induction training.
During the last week of Dec 2002 , I was told of my program that I would be leaving India on 28th and would stay in LA for a month , during which period I will visit different places where our operations were and understand the culture and issues involved.

When I reached LA, one HR Asstt. had come to the airport to take me to the Hotel and then to the office , After pleasantries He introduced himself as Ahmed Thronton, he was 23 year old , must be 6 and ½ feet tall , dark black and built like a bull, he was working as Asstt. HR officer in LA office and temporarily he was attached to me so that I would not face any problems being /first-time/">first time to the US .
I asked him whether he was a Muslim or Christian because his name suggested both , he replied that he was Sudanese and his forefather had shifted to US and that his Mother was Muslim and Father Christian and that his mother insisted to keep a Muslim first name for him though he was a Christian by religion.

We went to the Hotel where he waited in Lobby while I got freshened and ready for the office , we kept on discussing various official subjects , occasionally talking about each other , in order to know each other better .

Everything went on smooth ,every day Ahmed was with me as long as I wanted. In the evenings we would go to some nice restaurant for dinner and then he would drop me to my hotel.
We had become quite familiar with each other within few days ,and I did not hesitate to ask him to take me to some night club, which I heard a lot about, from people around but never been there .
He suggested that let us first go to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner and from there we would go to the the Gold Mine night Club, I was really excited as I knew night life in India was nothing as compared to US and I was looking for this opportunity of visiting one .

We had the dinner which was excellent then drove on to the Gold mine in Ahmed's car , When Ahmed reminded me to carry the Passport as age proof other wise I would not be allowed to enter the club , I had laughed at that saying I am old enough to be a Mom of an adult, Ahmed replied but you don't look like that.

When we entered the night club there was a door man who looked like a wall made of muscle asked for our age proof.
Soon we were in side, it was a big hall cramped with people , there was a big bar on one corner, people were sitting every where mostly couples , some girls were giggling around , there was stream of wall mounted TVs showing different programs , but there was not much smoke as I had expected , it was also not very dark and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light I saw couples in various positions, Kissing , fondling and feeling was going on all around unmindful of presence of others in the room.

I saw one girl in small skirt sitting on the lap of a man on bar stool, man's hand was inside her skirt and he was nibbling her ear lobe , she was giggling and had one arm around his neck and they were so close to me that I could feel the heat emanating from them.
I blushed at the scene, my face growing redder by the minutes, I was probably the only person aware of others presence and their postures, everybody else was not bothered at all.
Ahmed looked at my face and asked pulling at my arm ”Vanita, are you alright?
I said- Yes , why 
Your face is red, you blushin he laughed .
Yes , we are not so open in India ”I said not looking at him
Ok , what would you drink? , he asked 
Well , Beer would be fine , I have just eaten too much, food was so delicious I said .

Ahmed ordered for a White rum and a beer, I started to look around again aware that it was awkward but could not ignore the erotic actions going on all around . 
Suddenly , I was pushed sideward as an almost drunk woman staggered , trying to reach to bar asking for a drink which caused me to rub against Ahmed , he immediately put an arm around me as if supporting me , his large paw covering my shoulder. 

I did not mind it and he did not remove it, we took our drinks , I was looking for any reaction from Barman, wondering whether would he notice Indian woman with a black man , he did not notice , it made me feel comfortable that no body was bothered what I was doing.
We kept on drinking and watching some erotic program going on TV, talking some times.

Ahmed ordered more drinks , while drinking I was continuously trying to make out what nearby couple were doing ,this man was openly rubbing her between the legs, which she had opened up for him and they were frequently kissing and whispering .The girl was kooing again and again obviously enjoying every moment .

Beers had started having their effect , I was not free porn movies download feeling tight in the stomach anymore , rather was feeling bolder and action going on near by had made me hot, I was now aware that Ahmed had moved his hand around on my shoulder few times and that front of his left leg was rubbing against side of my hips .

I told Ahmed to order whiskey for me as I was too full to drink beer any more and it was only 10 .00 pm and I wanted to stay there some more.
He ordered whiskey for both of us , more people had joined in and as a result it was difficult standing without rubbing against some one or the other , so Ahmed shifted closer to me now , his hand still on my shoulder , he bent and asked enjoying the drink , and I felt his front side rubbing against my hips distinctively .

After I finished my drink , looking at Ahmed I asked , shall we go ?
Yeh! Ok , ut I wanna hav one more drink, may be we can go to my place and have some.
I said curtly , No , you can have as much as you want but here only ,
Ahmed was Slightly put off, he ordered a repeat ,And I was thinking how easily he was discouraged , bar tender again put two drinks on table and I reacted saying, no, I can not drink now ,
C” mmon Vanita , he reacted , Its already served.
If I drink this you will have to carry me home, I said smiling this time 
Ahmed grinned broadly , & said ”I would love that” 
Shut up, I said looking at him and humourously
He kept on grinning , what's wrong with you , I asked , you have not seen a lady or what
Not a Indian beauty like you, nope!!!!! He replied .

He kept on sipping drink and after waiting for some time I decided that probably I could handle another drink.
Scenes around had become hotter and hotter, one couple caught my attention, a /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl was standing against a black man and had her hand thrust inside man's pant , she had 
The look as if she had just found Karron's treasure , her eyes were wide open and was looking at the man , the man had both of his hands clamped on her hips .
Look at them , I told Ahmed 

He looked at them bent closer to my face and then asked me his looking directly in my eyes, you liked that ?
I did not understand any thing , normally , I would have said, no, but I was under the effect of Alcohol and said yeea!!!.
Wanna see more of such things 

Yes , of course , I said By now I was stammering under the effect alcohol.
For that you will to come to my place, He replied.
Ok, tomorrow may be, now let us go!
We paid up and started back it 00.20 in the morning and when we started walking back I realized that I had had too much to drink today, but some full hd xvideo download how I managed to walk till the car, Ahmed opened the door and I almost fell in the seat and immediately fell asleep.
Ahmed drove me back and I slept through the way.

I woke up when Ahmed shook me, at the Hotel door, I tried to get up but could not and stammered , pleaaase take me ta rooom
Ahmed helped me out of the Car , there was nobody at the lobby , he then picked me up and took up the elevator to the 17th floor where my room was .
He made me stand holding me with one arm wrapped around me and took out the key from my Pocket , opened the door , picked me up and set me up on the bed .
He closed the door and set down near me, then took out my shoes and slowly ” slowly started undressing me , when he was taking out my coat I came to some senses and asked him what was he doing, 
He replied, just changing your clothes 

His hands were feeling too good on my waist and legs to stop him that did not resist, he was obviously enjoying what he was doing as was doing it so slowly and then he took out my shirt and set down near by feeling my shoulders , his hands flowing down to my breast , waist thighs knees ,I wanted to stop him but the pleasure was overpowering coupled with lowered inhibitions, I decided to let it happen, I opened my eyes slightly and put my hand on his hand and pulled it on to my breast , and that was enough , he immediately shifted side ways and starting feeling my breasts , kissing me on my mouth

His hand working on my shirt buttons , he opened my shirt , and fondled my tits over the black bra tightly clamped on my 34C size breasts, then he moved his mouth over the exposed part of my breasts and kissed, with his other hand he opened my pants, and pushed it down to my thighs, After some time he turned me over and quickly opened the bra , kissing and feeling my back and his hands and mouth traveling down my back and then stopped and suddenly hooked his fingers on the sides of my panties and pulled it down roughly, his movement were telling me that he was getting impatient , he sat up and quickly pulled it down all the way to my ankles and threw it away , now I was lying there upside down entirely naked , though drunk I was aware that he had moved away , I looked side ways to find out what he was doing , he had taken out his shoes, and was fumbling with his pants , soon he turned around and walked to the fridge wearing only short he was looking for some thing in the fridge.I realized that my heart was thumping hard against my rib cage , and I was very very wet between my legs .

Then he called up , Hey Vanita any drinks over there ?
I replied, Look in cup board 
Soon He returned with a large drink and some jar in hand which he placed at the corner table and sat down by my side .
First he gulped a large sip of drink then started kissing my back from neck downward , by the time he reached my hips , he was very excited , he was saying some thing , which I could not hear I was too excited for that.