My girlfriend the hoe

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My girlfriend the hoe

My /girlfriend/">girlfriend and I are both 18 years old. We met in our first semester of /college/">college in Cali. One night, about a week ago, we were driving back to her place, and my friends Keith and Adam were in the other car ahead of us. She was naked in my front seat, and I was fingering her while I drove. Keith and Adam knew what was going on, and hoped to see her naked when we arrived at her house. They were waiting at the top of her driveway when we got there, already out of their car. 

She had just yanked her pants on, and was covering her 32B breasts. I rolled the window down and they were like "Awww, come on, we don't get to see anything?" I looked at my girlfriend C and said "Baby, it looks like they're pretty horny, why don't you put their arms down so they can see your tits?" She didn't want to, and protested, but I told her to again, and she did. Keith and Adam both just stared, so I told Adam to open her door, which he did. 

Then I told C to take her pants off and spread her legs so they could see her completely naked. Again, she objected, but eventually did what she was told. At this point, you could tell they were both aching bokep sma pecah perawan to get at her. I told her to get out of the car and lay on the hood with her legs spread wide. Then I told Adam and Keith to get their pants off, which they did in record time. C looked so nervous, she knew what was coming. I looked at Adam and said "Alright bro, she's yours, fuck her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy over and over". But what I did for Keith was even better. C doesn't really like sucking dick, and has never been willing to let me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. 

I had her lay back against the hood, and told Keith to straddle her face. I then told C to open up and be a /good/good-girl/">good girl and suck Keith's dick. Once she started, and Keith was fucking her face, old waman xxxgx I told him he had my permission to cum in her mouth. Her eyes got wide and she started to squirm, but he continued to fuck away at that /cute/">cute little mouth of hers. At the same time, Adam was starting to pick up the pace. Now, I had never /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-her-pussy/">cum inside her pussy either, because we didn't want her /pregnant/">pregnant. 

But I looked at Adam and told him "Do it bro, fill her up, let her feel your cum shoot into her pussy". When he heard that, he released, and must have shot an unbelievable load into her, because she wouldn't stop moaning, which made it better for Keith. He was getting close, and her eyes were wide. I had been jacking off the entire time, and was also close. I started to cum all over her face, which sent Keith over the edge. 

He let loose a huge load of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-inside-her-mouth/">cum inside her mouth, spilling out over her lips and down the side of her face. I told her she better swallow everything in her mouth, which she did. It was amazing, turning my girlfriend into a little slut, and making her do things she had never done before.