Good mates

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Good mates

It all started along time ago, a friend and my self would play football every weekend, one day after a very hard game we went back to my place to clean up.(I lived near the sports ground) My mate Phil went for shower first, after about 30 Min's I went to see if he was OK wwwxxx I open the bathroom door and could see he was still in the shower I could also see he had an /erection/">erection.

Now I have seen Phil naked many times but never with a throbbing hard on he was giving it a good soaping,I could feel my own cock starting throb.I left the room and started to get some food and drink ready.He came out of the shower and apologised for what I saw,I said it was no problem. After I've had my shower and we eat dinner we sat and watched some porn on TV.

It was a really /hot/hot-video/">hot video and i could see Phil was getting excited again,we were just wearing our boxers.He came over and sat next to me on the couch he put his hand in his boxers and started to play with himself this got me going so i started playing with myself.We looked at each other and laughed we took our boxers off and sat there naked with throbbing cocks he was a bit bigger than me.

He then grabbed hold my cock and started giving me a hand job. This went on for a few minutes,then I started on him but he moved my hand and went down on me, this was the /first-time/">first time someone had put my cock in their mouth it was nice.We then got down on the floor in the 69 position. I could feel his nice warm throbbing cock in my mouth.

He soon realised I was about to cum and pulled my cock from his mouth just as I came it went all over his face.Within minutes he was ready so he pulled out and shot his warm cum over my face and chest we then licked each others cocks dry.This went the wwwxxx on for a few months,we would go to my place or out in the country it was great, although we never had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex I wonder sometimes what it would be like.

Then out of the blue he left and went to work across the country. A couple of years later I got married and never had another experience with a man.I sometimes think about the experience and have a good wank.