An Indian Wife cheats with my Twin Brother

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An Indian Wife cheats with my Twin Brother

It was a long day at work, I was returning home when my brother called to tell me he was coming home for dinner. I wondered he would never invite himself but then again being a brother I couldn’t say no to him.

To tell you a little about me, I am 30 and so is my brother.. shocked? Well we are /twins/">twins. I am married to a very /hot/hot-indian/">hot indian Punjabi girl. To be honest I am about 6 feet, good built and a have never had a complain with my cock, it was a decent 9’ monster and my wife loved it. My wife was 5’9 lovely brown hair, 36cc Boobs and a fine ass. She kept her self very well and I knew she was a wild cat but never knew this would happen.

Me and my brother have been sharing everything since we have been kids, we had the same car, we bought the same house and in university we had the same /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend, well she never knew we both were fucking her, we would take turns for date night. It was a secret we never let out. Sometimes to cover up on business we would be at two different places doing two different deals and we would still be fine with it.

I turned into my garage and I saw him waiting out side, ’why are you out here in the cold?’, he said he just got there and saw me coming and we walked into the house together. ’coming’, my wife shouted and generally she would hug me but saw my brother and just didn’t realise which was her husband and was just stuck there, ’its me’ and I walked towards her and she hugged me and said, oh ajay is here for dinner, ’sure’ and she invited him in.

For dinner we just laughed around and there was not much happening and after dinner we settled on the couch and seema was clearing up the table, ajay said, ’do you think you’re wife would ever cheat on you?’, I smiled and changing channels, ’with the dick like mine I don’t think so’, she is quite hot’, he said, ’mind it bro, thats my wife, not the old girlfriend’, he laughed and said, ’you think she would ever find out if I fucked her instead of you?’, I was dumfounded.., ’what? Are your /crazy/">crazy?’, but the thought did send tingle on my dick.

’no honestly what if she fucked me instead of you thinking its you’, I got up and picked up the wine glass and said, ’that’s it no more wine for you’, and he pulled my arm and sat me down, ’look at her she is a fine women, you have shared everything with me, why not her?’, ’will you keep it down you will get us killed, look she would definitely find out’, he smiled and said. ’so that means you would let me fuck her?’, I thought to myself it would never hurt her if she never found out about this and it would see through my /fantasy/">fantasy of my wife fucking another guy, even better if it was my brother because that way she will be in good hands.

’fine, we can do this, but I get to watch it’, he just jumped like a kid, and I said ’fine tomorrow she is out to her mom’s place we do it tomorrow, we get the camera’s going and I will view it from your place. ’What are you guys always murmuring about?’, and we both jumped, ’what.. what.. nothing I was just advising him to settle down’, she smiled and sat opposite us, ’yea ajay you should that way I will have some company and I am sure both the wives will have a common topic to complain’, we just laughed and then ajay decided to leave for the evening.

Next day as planned Seema went off to her moms house and we planted camera’s in the bedroom and in the hall and bathroom. I had to brush him up on the conversations we have so that it wouldn’t be a mess. Seema had seen me dress up so had to exchange my clothes with ajay. He dropped me at his place and he drove to mine.

He rang the bell and as usual, seema opened the door and hugged him, he hugged her back and they walked in. He was quite calm just the way I am in the evening and he ensured that nothing would go wrong. Seema was very lightly dressed, a night gown, and a robe, and no bra. ’dam my wife is hot’, I said and they started to talk and it went well. He still was keeping his calm. After dinner while watching tv she came and sat next to him and lay her head on his chest and body on the couch, he started to move his hands on her stomach and she turned and kissed him, that was my wife’s first kiss to another man, after marriage, they were lost in a passionate kiss and she broke the kiss and said, ’lets take this upstairs’. They both walked up and went to the bedroom.

As soon as they got the bedroom she asked my brother to get comfortable on the bed and she will be back. She went into the bathroom and till then my brother looked at the camera and gave a cheeky smile, we had kept a microphone system near the bed so that I could hear the conversations. He took off his clothes and jumped into the bed, he was hard has a rock waiting to /wife/wife-fucking/fuck-my-wife/">fuck my wife. After a few minutes seema walked out of the bathroom with black bra and a black thong, long slender legs and hair untied and a fair complexion and said, ’how do i look?’ and she give him a twirl and was showing off her ass and body to my brother.

She walked up to the bed and crawled up to him and kissed him again. She took off the blanket and bow down straight for his dick, my wife was sucking my brother’s dick and I was watching and was getting hard as a rock myself. He held her head and started to push her on his dick and she was licking it like a proper /whore/">whore, ’hmmm baby you taste good’, she said and was running her tongue on his dick and balls and he was lost in /ecstasy/">ecstasy and let her suck his dick, he pulled her head and they both were on their knees standing up and kissing each other and my brother let his hands run on her back and un-did her bra, and she exposed her boobs to my brother, who looked at them and just went straight at it.

She was rubbing his face on her boobs and he was sucking her boobs and he put his finger down on her pussy and must have noticed it was soaking wet, he pushed her on the bed and pulled off her thong and started to lick my wife’s pussy. ’aaaaaah... baby lick my like that ... oh yea... lick me baby... come on.. ’ and she was pushing his head into her pussy and her pussy into his face, he was going crazy at her pussy, ’aaa baby I’m gonna cum baby lick me please don’t stop aaaaa.. baby.. yeaa’ and she must have had her first orgasam, she just lay naked on the bed with my brother without realizing she was cheating on her husband.. my cock was hard and was stroking at my wife cheating on me and fucking my own brother.

’I hope you are not done cuz I plan to fuck you all night’, my brother said and he went on top of my wife and blowjob porn videos stuck his dick into my wife’s pussy, ’aaaaa baby you’re so tight and hot’, and he was enjoying my wife’s pussy, I know how horny she can get in bed, she held the pillows on the side while my brother pushed his entire 9’ into her. ’you like it baby?’, and she just moaned and said, ’keep fucking me..’ and he started to pound her, his strokes were rough but really getting to her.. ’aaaa... yea fuck me like a whore baby, please... don’t stop fucking me... aaaa yea I think I ma gonna cum baby... yea...’, ’come on my dick come on.. i wana feel that cum’, and she let out huge moan and pushed her head back and he kept stroking her in and out like a whore.

She kissed him again and pushed him on his back and got on top of him giving him a proper view of her body boobs and pussy and stuck his dick back into her pussy. She was moving her hips and he was pumping her pussy, he was rubbing his hands all over my wife’s body and boobs and he came forward and bit her boobs and left a mark. And she was going wild and he was really pumping her hard while she was on top, ’aaaa fuck i think i am gonna cum.. baby... you got to get off..’, he said, ’are you crazy, I am gonna take it all in my pussy’, he didn't care I think and didn't even ask her one more time and in a final pump came in my wife’s pussy..

he kept pumping cuz my wife was moaning so loudly... ’aaaa .. I can feel the /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum inside me... oh yea baby ’ and she lay on him and moved backwards to pull her self off his dick and cleaned him up, took her little cum on his dick and got off the bed, ’wana join me for a shower?’ my wife was gonna fuck the hell out of my brother and he was going to enjoy my wife tonight. They walked into the shower and she started to kiss him again and was rubbing herself on too him. He was a lot hornier than usual, with cum oozing out of her pussy she got my brother hard again. He was rubbing his hands all over my wife’s body and was using her like a whore.

He turned her around and bent her forward and guided himself into her pussy again. ’yeaaa that's what I wanted... ’ she said, ’fuck me baby... ’ and he held her hips and started to stroke her again and asked her, ’baby ever thought of cheating on me?’, I was shocked at that question, ’why do you ask?’, well just I thought what if you had to fuck another guy, ’hmmmm’ and she was pushing her self on the dick, ’you would like that won’t you, me fucking other men?’, he just smiled and said, ’well if I had to I would surely make the most of it’, I was even more dumbfounded at that answer, but then again for her she was talking to her husband and for me it was my brother /wife/wife-fucking/fucking-my-wife/">fucking my wife.

She pulled off his dick and turned around and he pushed her towards the wall and lifted her leg and pushed his dick back into her pussy, ’you /wild/wild-fuck/">wild fuck... you really wanna fuck me like crazy tonight?’, and he replied, ’hell yea.. I am gonna fill this pussy with my cum’ and he was pumping her and he said, ’what if you realised im not your husband and im your brother-in-law?’, and she said, ’aaaa.. right now I have dick inside me... aaaaa and I don’t really care whose it is.. we can sort it out later... aaaa .. I just wana be fucked like a whore..’ and he was even more turned on cuz he started to fuck her harder and his balls were slapping her...’baby fill my pussy again wanna heel that hot cum inside me..’ and he was delighted to oblige, with a final stroke he again pumped cum inside my wife’s pussy. She kissed him again and they washed up and walked out of the bathroom.

My brother pushed her on the bed again and was looking at her naked hot body that he had been fucking since a few hours, she looked at him and said, ’what?’ and he made her lay on the bed and he knelt on the floor and spread her legs and started to lick her pussy, he was not hard but surely very horny. ’easy sweety, you have been fucking me for a few hours now’, and he started licking it even more furiously. She was gasping for breath.. ’aaa yea baby.. oh i cant take it anymore.. im gonna cum again... ’, and I am sure she must have cum again cuz she pushed her head back in estacy and let out a moan... ’aaaaaa... oh god yea...’ and he stood up and he was hard again and she just got up and took his dick into her mouth.

She was now a pro licking it like it as if she was never going to get it, he was defiantly loving it, my wife is excellent at blowjobs, and she was going at my brother’s dick like a whore. He would hold her head and push it on her. He was licked for a good 5mins, and he exploded in her mouth, ’aaa fuck I'm cumin.. aaa yea..’ and he came on her boobs and in her mouth and she held his dick and stroking it, till every drop of it was out. They both lay on the bed completely exhausted. They feel asleep naked

In the morning I woke up with some noises and realized them fucking again. He was pounding her pussy and she was pleading for him to come inside her again. I was shocked my brother was using my wife and she didn't even know about it. After a few minutes of fucking he must have come inside her because she poked her mails into his back and he was biting her.. and they were heaving like animals.

They both kissed and he went for a shower. My wife lay milf porn videos on the bed and cum oozing out of her pussy. He took a shower and got dressed and left. In 10mins i heard the door bell, and I knew it must be him. I walked down and opened the door and he hugged me and said, ’that was the best’, he hugged him back, ’I am sure, you were fucked the hell out of her’, he walked in and said,’ I cant believe she was so hot’, and we changed clothes again. I told him we would have to disconnect the camera’s but then again we never know what’s next. Maybe we can fuck her together..

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